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The Advantage of Using 3D Printing Technology

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The Advantage of Using 3D Printing Technology

Many firms these days have started to utilize newer and more modern 3D printing technology when it comes to their operations. This is especially true when it comes to the design of new products, gone are the days when it will take time before a concept can be put into production, the use of such technology that enables 3D printing and imbrication has indeed revolutionized the way these firms operate.


It is a fact that 3D printing tends to be more efficient due to the fact that it make sit possible for firms to develop their ideas faster. A concept can be printed on the very same day that it was thought of.

Being able to see a prototype of whatever it is that the concept is about makes it easier for the people on the operations floor to decide whether it passes their standards or not. Once tweaks are done in accordance to the specifications of the products getting it into production is going to be a lot easier and effortless.

These tools tend to help firms to save a lot of money. It is a fact that the traditional tools used for prototyping as well as those resources needed for injection molding are very expensive ones. With the new concept in there dimensional printing, however, the costs are going to be less all these devices are no longer necessary so running them is going to be  not necessary in the picture.

The creating parts using this technology is definitely going to cost a lot less. Such a technology allows for better risk mitigation as well. This means that designs can be properly verified and rechecked ahead of time before they are actually given the green light to be developed in expensive molding devices.

This means that the designers can check and recheck if they have the right look and the right ideas used for the piece before they will decide to have it produced in bulk numbers this means that mistakes are  picked up beforehand and addressed accordingly too.

Because of the savings made form these tools, it’s a good idea to invest as fast as possible. Companies that are just starting may find it had to get funding for 3D technology because this tech is just too new.  Therefore, innovative technology companies are opening what is called a “high risk merchant account” to take advantage of their return on investment right away.

The use of this technology ensures that there is going to be proper translation of a concept into the making if the design, it is easy to communicate when getting concepts to be molded and created. Not with the 3D printing technology. It is easier to make changes and tweak the design if the instructions were to followed right without having to worry about the time it will take to do that or the expenses involved.

Tweaking is made easy since the program makes it easier for these changes to be injected to the design faster, even in real time.


mojo_designer_in_cubicleGetting feedback on the way these pieces are designed is a tad bit easier fore one to do these days too this means that makers can have their 3D prints of the concept and have them presented in trade shows to potential buyers and investors.

These people can check out the concept for themselves and then decide if they would possibly be interested in getting some of their cash poured into these ideas before it finally goes to actual production. Investors are always easier to convince when they see something concrete in front of them.

The Many Benefits of 3D Printing

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The Many Benefits of 3D Printing

Threedimensional or “3D printing” is a relatively new technology. However, despite how short is the time that it has been around, it is already making waves in the industry.

There are certainly numerous advantages that such a technology has brought along where concept design and prototyping is concerned for those that have ever tried out these technologies before here are some of the things that can be expected when utilizing these resources in building new ideas and conceptualizing them.


3D_PrintingA lot of manufacturing firms these days have adopted the technology It is not surprising to see them do so though due to how less costly these methods are compared to how much firms often have to spend when compared to what it is that they are going to have to cover if they were to use the traditional molding and prototyping tools.

Many have even started using these techniques and incorporated them in their actual manufacturing process. One of the reasons that this kind of method is very much getting some very positive response in the manufacturing community is due to the fact that that it is going to cost less.

Compared to what manufacturers have to cope when they will use the molding and prototyping devices, the costs involved here are but a small fraction. Many have even reported saving as much as 70% of the usual costs that alone will tell you how practical it is for these new methods to be used instead of the traditional ones.


Learn more about speed of 3D printing

3d-printerHe speed in which the three dimension printing method gets the job done is astounding too. One needs to remember that 3D printing and the traditional portraying actually does the same things which is get the outcomes, the outputs that the manufacturer wants the only difference between them is the length of time that it would take in order for them to come up with the piece that the manufacturer wants.

In this case, the 3D printing method produces the desired outputs considerably faster than the traditional procedure. Classical methods use in manufacturing usually take time before getting the results done, in the new method, getting the manufacturing done  is so much faster.

When a fire is able to easily cope up with the demand then to is to be expected that they will be able to save immensely as a result. You definitely want to take the most advantage of that as best as you can.There is going to be less waste when using these methods instead of a more traditional one.

Manufacturing has also been a wasteful process with many parts and materials being discarded along the way this is something that can now be rectified with the use of the three-dimensional printing. Errors are easily corrected since the design is tweaked easily and hence, none of those instances where you have had the nit made only to realize that you have made mistake son how to was supposed to look or function.

There is also better quality and better accessibility as well.

It is to your advantage to get designs made under the new process.

Making sure that they are accurate and in accordance to specifications will be easier through this method too compared to how things are when using the traditional prototyping methods.

Introduction to 3D Printing

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Introduction to 3D Printing

You may have just recently had an introduction to 3D printing. In the past, you have been using the traditional way of molding and prototyping and needless to say, the process was tedious. It was long, and it definitely took time before you can finally start getting production done in masses. You are still not that convinced though that this may be a good idea for you to pursue.

So, you have decided to see what are the things that you can benefit from if you are to use this technology in your operations.

Zortrax-M200-3d-printer-kickstarter-completed-1There is the fact that you will be able to use a device that can design intricate pieces that used to be a little too hard and too complicated to get done by hand before.

Pieces that used to be a little bit of an impossibility when crafted by hand can now be made through the use of the technology. Parts like bearings pieces that are used for engineering, as well as those complex pieces can now be easily designed and at such a faster speed too when compared to traditional methods.

Aside from coming up with intricate designs, it should be easier for people to come up with designs without having to wait that long. It is a fact that past prototyping methods will usually require some time for designs to get done even then, people will have to redo things and wait a bit longer if there are errors in the way it was made.

This is why the new technology has made it adventageous for people to come up with intricate ideas, get them created, and then build a prototype to see if these are in accordance to how they have envisioned things.




It is even possible to have these ideas presented to interested businessmen and investors, too. All that one needs to do is build a prototype and then have them unveiled in trade conferences and other similar shows this would then mean that people will be able to show prospects what they can be expected to get if they are to invest their funds to you.

Since they already get to see a prototype of the product, convincing them will be so much easier than just presenting them with concepts and ideas. Designs are more accurate now, too.

It is easy to ensure that the prototype that will come out is exactly the way it has been communicated by whoever is the concept designer or who the idea belonged from in the past, one has to wait until a prototype is created before the design can be checked if it is exactly how it should be and if it is going to function the way it is supposed to.

This diminished the instances where people did the design wrong and have to redo it. With 3D printing, errors are detected quite easily and they are corrected right then and there. This helps avoid costly mistakes.

This is definitely going to cost less production-wise, too. Many firms have reported as much as 70% reduction on the costs when transitioning to the new method. After all, the old prototyping and molding devices can be quite expensive to keep.

Getting to Know the Benefits of using 3D Printing

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Getting to Know the Benefits of using 3D Printing

It is a fact that there have been numerous changes that have been introduced to the way manufacturing firms are doing their operations now. It is very common for these kinds of companies to have to rely on the use of prototyping and molding devices in the past. In recent years, the field has undergone such considerable upgrades where its methods and processes go.

Now, the most popular way of rendering designs is through the use of 3D printing. To people who have not been exposed to the way these technological advances work, the idea of changing into the new method may not be something that they have foreseen but a good way of getting those who are still on the fence to actually give the green light to make the switch, learning the benefits and advantages of these methods would be a definite must.

People will be surprised at how much they can actually learn about the process and how so much better it is when compared to traditional methods.


the-micro-3d-printer-3Such innovation has made it a possibility for firms to print out designs by the hundreds when compared to how many one can make out of using prototype molds for the same length of time.

Innovation definitely has made manufacturing firms the chance to make more, but not necessarily for less quality. These are two methods that produce the same flawless qualities. The 3D printer just happens to accomplish this job faster more efficiently.

Hence, the preference to it by a lot of people in recent times. Technology as modern as this is definitely a huge help to manufacturing operations due to the fact that it will allow one to be able to print prototypes faster in the past, firms have to wait for a long time before they can get a first look of the design that they are trying to use for their processes now.

A new idea can be thought of in the same day and a new prototype can be produced not long after. So it is easy to see a prototype of the concept and easier still to print numbers of them when the design gets approved for production.


3D-printing-e1442873019410It is going to be easier for people to communicate ideas sign this method. Being able to inject specific looks and intricate designs to how a prototype is supposed to look will be easier to do when tweaking the designs will be a lot easier to get done. Also, the use of this technology minimizes the possibility of getting prototypes looking wrong since the designs can be changed and corrected if there are problems with it early on.

Production and development costs are going to be minimized as well. You will be able to minimize the production time. You can see a prototype of a design just within a day of having it conceptualized. Then, you get a chance to inspect it and see if it is in accordance to your liking. If not, you can get it redone within the same day until the correct one is in your hands then, mass production can start.