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Introduction to 3D Printing

Introduction to 3D Printing

By on Jan 22, 2016 in 3D Printing, Modern, Technology |

You may have just recently had an introduction to 3D printing. In the past, you have been using the traditional way of molding and prototyping and needless to say, the process was tedious. It was long, and it definitely took time before you can finally start getting production done in masses. You are still not that convinced though that this may be a good idea for you to pursue.

So, you have decided to see what are the things that you can benefit from if you are to use this technology in your operations.

Zortrax-M200-3d-printer-kickstarter-completed-1There is the fact that you will be able to use a device that can design intricate pieces that used to be a little too hard and too complicated to get done by hand before.

Pieces that used to be a little bit of an impossibility when crafted by hand can now be made through the use of the technology. Parts like bearings pieces that are used for engineering, as well as those complex pieces can now be easily designed and at such a faster speed too when compared to traditional methods.

Aside from coming up with intricate designs, it should be easier for people to come up with designs without having to wait that long. It is a fact that past prototyping methods will usually require some time for designs to get done even then, people will have to redo things and wait a bit longer if there are errors in the way it was made.

This is why the new technology has made it adventageous for people to come up with intricate ideas, get them created, and then build a prototype to see if these are in accordance to how they have envisioned things.




It is even possible to have these ideas presented to interested businessmen and investors, too. All that one needs to do is build a prototype and then have them unveiled in trade conferences and other similar shows this would then mean that people will be able to show prospects what they can be expected to get if they are to invest their funds to you.

Since they already get to see a prototype of the product, convincing them will be so much easier than just presenting them with concepts and ideas. Designs are more accurate now, too.

It is easy to ensure that the prototype that will come out is exactly the way it has been communicated by whoever is the concept designer or who the idea belonged from in the past, one has to wait until a prototype is created before the design can be checked if it is exactly how it should be and if it is going to function the way it is supposed to.

This diminished the instances where people did the design wrong and have to redo it. With 3D printing, errors are detected quite easily and they are corrected right then and there. This helps avoid costly mistakes.

This is definitely going to cost less production-wise, too. Many firms have reported as much as 70% reduction on the costs when transitioning to the new method. After all, the old prototyping and molding devices can be quite expensive to keep.