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The Advantage of Using 3D Printing Technology

The Advantage of Using 3D Printing Technology

By on Jan 28, 2016 in 3D Printing, Modern, Technology |

Many firms these days have started to utilize newer and more modern 3D printing technology when it comes to their operations. This is especially true when it comes to the design of new products, gone are the days when it will take time before a concept can be put into production, the use of such technology that enables 3D printing and imbrication has indeed revolutionized the way these firms operate.


It is a fact that 3D printing tends to be more efficient due to the fact that it make sit possible for firms to develop their ideas faster. A concept can be printed on the very same day that it was thought of.

Being able to see a prototype of whatever it is that the concept is about makes it easier for the people on the operations floor to decide whether it passes their standards or not. Once tweaks are done in accordance to the specifications of the products getting it into production is going to be a lot easier and effortless.

These tools tend to help firms to save a lot of money. It is a fact that the traditional tools used for prototyping as well as those resources needed for injection molding are very expensive ones. With the new concept in there dimensional printing, however, the costs are going to be less all these devices are no longer necessary so running them is going to be  not necessary in the picture.

The creating parts using this technology is definitely going to cost a lot less. Such a technology allows for better risk mitigation as well. This means that designs can be properly verified and rechecked ahead of time before they are actually given the green light to be developed in expensive molding devices.

This means that the designers can check and recheck if they have the right look and the right ideas used for the piece before they will decide to have it produced in bulk numbers this means that mistakes are  picked up beforehand and addressed accordingly too.

Because of the savings made form these tools, it’s a good idea to invest as fast as possible. Companies that are just starting may find it had to get funding for 3D technology because this tech is just too new.  Therefore, innovative technology companies are opening what is called a “high risk merchant account” to take advantage of their return on investment right away.

The use of this technology ensures that there is going to be proper translation of a concept into the making if the design, it is easy to communicate when getting concepts to be molded and created. Not with the 3D printing technology. It is easier to make changes and tweak the design if the instructions were to followed right without having to worry about the time it will take to do that or the expenses involved.

Tweaking is made easy since the program makes it easier for these changes to be injected to the design faster, even in real time.


mojo_designer_in_cubicleGetting feedback on the way these pieces are designed is a tad bit easier fore one to do these days too this means that makers can have their 3D prints of the concept and have them presented in trade shows to potential buyers and investors.

These people can check out the concept for themselves and then decide if they would possibly be interested in getting some of their cash poured into these ideas before it finally goes to actual production. Investors are always easier to convince when they see something concrete in front of them.